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UGlow Camera Gilet

HackCam's Camera Gilet is a high quality padded garment with detachable shoulders pads, changable wording on the back and features the glow-in-the dark UGlow tape (The UGlow tape is exclusive to Gizapaw).

A great alternative to mounting your camera on your helmet, as the cameras remain stable when mounted to this garment.

The Camera Gilet is now available to order - click here to visit our webstore now

The UGlow tape combines two technologies, retro-reflectivity and photo luminescence. Retro Reflective tape returns light to its source. Photo luminescence crystals absorb UV energy that is emitted as a light source in low light or zero light conditions. You can view a demonstration of how this tape glows below.

Various Detachable Text pads available allowing you to display a clear message