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Gizapaw Recommends the Muvi K2 Sports Edition Camera

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Muvi K2

The Muvi K2 Sport has a built-in high quality 16MP resolution camera which has a selection of photo modes for you to capture any moment the way you like, such as time lapse, high speed photo burst and 180° rollover mode.

The Muvi K2 Sport comes with a protective black silicone case that safeguards your K-Series camera without the need to house it in the waterproof case. Protect your K-Series from rain, dust and scratches for sports such as biking, skiing, skateboarding and free running.

The large 1500mAh interchangeable lith-ion smart battery ensures that your K-Series stays charged for up to 4 hours of recording time, which makes it one of the largest batteries on the handsfree camera market.

The Muvi K-Series has built-in Wi-Fi with a range of up to 60 metres, which allows you to connect and pair with your smartphone or tablet with the free iOS or Android app. The Muvi K-Series app allows you to live view, record and even share your content straight onto social media.

Compatible with all current Gizapaw or Go Pro branded mounts & accessories



What is this Cameras Battery Life?
Up to 4 Hours

Is it water proof?
The camera comes a showerproof silicone case. However, you can purchase the full waterproof case seperatly (not essential for horse riders)

What is the Quality like?
The Muvi K2 has fantastic video footage filming at 1080p with frame rates of 60fps providing clear and smooth footage

Where do I wear the camera?
The Muvi K2 works best with our ultra strong adjustable clasp, which has been designed to allow you to fix to your garment and angle as required. Alternatively, you may prefer our helmet mount, which has been specificly designed to fit over helemts.

Full Specifications (Click to View)
Resolution 1080p @ 60fps / 720p @ 120fps
Chipset XA-7 - Achilles
Bit Rate 19 mbit/s
Battery 1500mAh (interchangeable)
Wireless Yes
Wireless Range Up to 40 metres
LCD Backpack Optional extra
Memory No
Waterproof Case Optional extra
Carry Case Yes
App Yes (iOS & Android)
Weight 84g
Dimensions 6cm x 4cm x 2.3cm


- Muvi™ K2 Action Camcorder
- Rugged Case
- Black Silicone Case
- Battery
- USB Charging Cable
- K-Series Tripod Mount
- Curved 3M Mount
- Flat 3M Mount
- Velcro Mount
- CMOS Protector
- Lanyard
- No Proof No Glory Sticker
- No Proof No Glory Decal
- Muvi Decal
- Printed Quick start guide (multilingual)
- Manual on CD


Video footage from various angles recorded on the Muvi K2 Camera